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Karen Brinkman

Working To Ensure Court Orders Are Followed

When you have reached an agreement regarding child support and spousal support, and when the court signs off on the agreement, you then have a binding contract, an enforceable court order. Failure to honor the terms of the order may lead to a finding of contempt against the party who refuses to pay. At the law firm of Brinkman & Associates, our lawyers have extensive experience pursuing actions for contempt. You can rely on us to stand up for your interests and keep you informed of the status of your case at all times.

Enforcing Child Support Payments

It is difficult to raise a child on your own. That is why financial support from the other parent can be crucial. When an order for support is not being followed, it is important to hold the other parent accountable. There are child support enforcement agencies run by the state that can help you pursue enforcement. However, they represent the state, not you personally. Our attorneys will put your interests at the forefront; can also take more steps than are allowed through an administrative process.

Enforcing Payments For Spousal Support

The refusal to pay spousal support, or alimony, can lead to contempt of court charges against the party who is not paying. This can result in jail time, wage garnishment, and the payment of attorney’s fees and court costs. The child support enforcement agency also handles these matters, although they are less likely to get fully involved if there is no child support involved. That is why you need a dedicated lawyer on your side who knows how to get an order enforced.

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An entry for support of any type is an enforceable court order that must be followed. We will represent your interests and will work to help you get what you are owed. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer at our Cincinnati office by emailing us or by calling 513-632-5310.