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Dissolution: An Alternative To The Divorce Process

Spouses considering ending their marriage have several options to legally sever ties as both divorce and dissolution will legally end your marriage. However, the dissolution process gives you more control over the outcome, more privacy and more flexibility to fashion results that fit your family.

At Brinkman & Associates, our family law attorneys realize that working through these issues can be extremely challenging. It can be difficult to sit across the table from a person you would rather not deal with. We work to build consensus while protecting your interests.

What Is Dissolution Of Marriage?

Unlike divorce, Ohio does not base dissolution on fault, i.e. no accusations need to be made. For that reason, it is often thought of as the no-fault option for ending a marriage. In a dissolution, you and your spouse must agree on all issues involved in ending your marriage. With the help of your attorneys, you will decide how to divide marital property, manage child custody and, when applicable, handle support issues for children and spouses.

Advantages Of Dissolution

Maintaining control of the outcome is the primary advantage of dissolution. It can also be less costly than divorce. Dissolution, especially when employing the collaborative law process, helps preserve the family’s privacy and is generally a more thorough, healthy and interest-based approach. Dissolution also allows you to control the timing of events. You can get it done in a week or drag it out over several years if you prefer. In a divorce, the court is in charge of the calendar as well as the decisions.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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