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Helping You Through The Divorce Process

Emotionally, divorce can be about deceit, betrayal, frustration, neglect or other avenues that lead to the failure of a relationship. Legally, it is about the termination of the rights and responsibilities you and your spouse share as a married couple and as parents, if you have children.

Our lawyers at Brinkman & Associates in Cincinnati provide compassionate and comprehensive legal services to clients throughout Ohio who are getting divorced. We have the experience to represent clients with large, complex marital estates as well as those with more modest assets.

What You Should Know About Divorce

In Ohio, you must have grounds for divorce. Our attorneys will listen to you describe why you want to terminate your marriage and advise you of your options, including those pertaining to child custody, child support and spousal support (alimony).

Divorce and marital dissolution are different legal processes that both result in the termination of marriage and the assignment of property and parental rights and responsibilities. In a dissolution, the husband and wife agree on all the terms of their separation before filing with the court. If possible, it is usually most healthy to use negotiation, mediation and/or collaborative law to try to reach an agreement outside of court. If you and your spouse cannot agree on all aspects of your separation agreement, you may need to file for divorce rather than dissolution.

We Provide Diligent Representation

In a divorce case, the court decides on disputed issues. That means we must present a strong case that persuades the judge to decide in your favor. The key to success in court is preparation. We do not shoot from the hip. We know that your future and your children’s future are in our hands. We take that responsibility very seriously and prepare each case diligently.

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