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Creating Effective Separation Agreements

A separation agreement is the vehicle through which a divorce or dissolution is settled. Creating a separation agreement encompasses all the hard work involved in ending a marriage.

It includes decisions about property division, division of debts, child custody and parenting time, as well as spousal and child support. The two parties must sign the separation agreement before the final hearing is held. If you settle your divorce case outside of court, through negotiation or the collaborative law process, you do so with a Separation and Full Settlement Agreement.

Partnering With You To Obtain A Positive Outcome

The attorneys of Brinkman & Associates help clients negotiate the terms of their separation agreements. We lead you through all the thorny issues, from who gets the house to who will pay how much in child support. We take nothing for granted and make sure that as many loose ends are tied up as possible. Our experience helps us predict problem areas, and we are familiar with wording that may assist you in the future should issues arise.

We are experienced in using alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as collaborative law solutions or a mediated approach to help resolve differences between parties outside of court.

Legal Separation

You must have been a resident of Ohio for at least six months to file for divorce. A legal separation is used in cases where the parties have not met that residential requirement or want to preserve the benefits of remaining married by filing a Complaint for Legal Separation.

After the six months are up, legal separation proceedings are often converted to a divorce or dissolution proceeding so that the parties can dissolve their marriage, if desired. Other couples use legal separation to live separately but remain married for religious purposes or possibly to maintain health insurance coverage.

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