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Creating Families Through Adoption

Families are no longer defined by biological links alone. The family law attorneys of Brinkman & Associates help create loving families through adoption. Stepparent and relative adoption are the most common forms of adoption we provide.

Stepparent Adoption

If you wish to adopt your spouse’s child from a previous relationship, we will guide you through the process of stepparent adoption. We have represented clients in stepparent adoptions in which the biological parent willingly agrees to the proposed plan. We have also pursued adoption when the consent of the other parent is not required due to a lack of contact or support.

In cases where the other parent does not consent to the termination of parental rights, we will investigate the role the other parent has played in the child’s life. Has he or she financially supported or visited the child? Has there been meaningful communication between the parent and child in the year prior to the filing? Is there a justifiable cause for his or her lack of support or communication?

Prior to the finalization of the adoption, it will be necessary for you to have a home study and background check through an approved social service agency. The child or children must be interviewed by social workers as part of the process. Generally, children are expected to come to court to have the adoption finalized.

Relative Adoption

We represent aunts, uncles, grandparents and other relatives or interested parties who have had custody and now seek to adopt a child. The process is similar to stepparent adoptions. Often these cases involve children who have been living with a relative for years and where the relative already has court-ordered custody. The adoption process makes the existing arrangements legal and formal and provides children with a sense of stability.

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Our lawyers will make certain that you understand the law and the steps in the adoption process. To learn if we can be of assistance to your family, please contact our office in Cincinnati. Call us at 513-632-5310 to schedule an appointment.