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Cincinnati Family Law Mediation Lawyers

Dedicated Exclusively to Family Law

Issues of divorce and family law define the legal relationships, rights and responsibilities of family members. From prenuptial agreements to divorce, child custody and adoption, the Cincinnati family law mediation lawyers at the law firm of Brinkman & Associates provide comprehensive services in divorce and family law.

We will handle your family legal matters with sensitivity and understanding. Contact our Ohio child custody attorneys online or call 513-878-1437 to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.

We Handle a Wide Variety of Family Law Issues

Our Cincinnati divorce lawyers practice in a wide range of legal areas that concern families, including:

Divorce: We will guide and protect you throughout the entire divorce process.

Dissolution: This is a process where the parties control the outcome of the termination of their marriage by agreement, instead of by court mandate.

Collaborative law: This is a healthy alternative for developing effective settlement agreements and shared parenting plans.

Post-decree matters: When your circumstances change, your court-ordered child custody, child support and spousal support arrangements may need to change as well.

Child custody/parenting time: A detailed parenting plan can help avoid future misunderstandings and disputes regarding your children and their welfare.

Civil domestic violence: We represent victims of domestic violence, as well as those who have been accused of violence against a family member in domestic relations court.

Stepparent adoption and relative adoption: We can help you get all of the legal rights and responsibilities of a parent through proceedings in probate court.

Third-party visitation: We pursue visitation and companionship rights for people who have played a significant role in a child's life.

Separation agreements: These documents are the contracts between the spouses that settle the issues arising in dissolution, divorce and legal separations.

Mediation: We represent clients in divorce mediation and other matters. We are also hired by other attorneys and clients to serve as a neutral third-party in mediated disputes.

Domestic partnerships: We prepare the documents that provide many of the benefits of marriage to nontraditional couples.

Child support: We help establish, modify and enforce appropriate child support orders.

Spousal support: We also help to establish, modify and enforce appropriate spousal support orders.

Enforcement: When a court order is not being followed, we will fight to ensure that all of the terms of an order are properly carried out.

Modifications: A change in life may necessitate a change in child support or spousal support. We will help guide you through the modification process.

Parents' rights: Both parents have equal rights in terms of their children. We work to ensure that one party does not get short-changed.

Grandparents' rights: If you have an established relationship with your grandchildren, their parent's divorce should not affect your right to see them.

Juvenile court/paternity: We help parents legally establish the paternity of their children, including parenting and support issues.

Property division: We help couples divide property, including real estate, bank accounts, investments, business interests, pensions and retirement funds.

Prenuptial agreements: We are available to negotiate, draft, review or litigate a prenuptial or antenuptial agreement.

Call for a Consultation With an Ohio Divorce Lawyer

We can help with divorce and all other family legal matters. Contact our Cincinnati family law attorneys online or call 513-878-1437 to arrange a consultation to discuss your situation.


I really appreciate the way Mrs. Brinkman handles difficult situations and difficult people.  She represents me with confidence, yet always makes sure that I know what is going on and that I fully understand my options.  Her paralegal Tamara, have also answered my questions promptly and professionally; and have helped me through some tough times.

-Lisa H.

Karen Brinkman was brilliant in court; I obtained full custody of my daughter and am extremely grateful.  She made my family, my witnesses, the other professionals, and myself very comfortable by constantly educating us and keeping us informed of the law and the legal procedures.  She deserves a lot of credit for her careful wording of motions and entries and her ability to take charge of out-of-control situations.

-Dave B.

Karen and Tamara went into action on behalf of my son and granddaughter.  Their caring attitudes come through in everything they say and do.  I am sure that I will be looking to Brinkman & Associates for legal advice and for common sense answers whenever I have a family law question in the future.

-Sandy E.

I was very thankful that I had Mrs. Brinkman on my side when I went to court regarding a modification of child support that had been requested by my former husband in the Hamilton County, Ohio, Juvenile Court.  She returns my calls and responds to my emails promptly and thoroughly.

-Debbie S.

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